Client Speeds Database

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Processor NameMHzNormalized SpeedStdDevStdErr%Count
AMD Athlon XP (Barton)30003,408,
Cyrix M2233179,607.000.000.001
Intel Celeron400975,
Intel Celeron466604,
Intel Celeron525662,886.000.000.001
Intel Celeron10002,600,335.000.000.001
Intel Pentium (P5)133120,
Intel Pentium (P5)166143,938.000.000.001
Intel Pentium II300715,
Intel Pentium II400860,772.40188,998.3921.965
Intel Pentium III500595,601.000.000.001
Intel Pentium III5141,253,978.000.000.001
Intel Pentium III7331,567,372.00420,147.1826.813
Intel Pentium Pro200116,926.000.000.001