Client Speeds Database

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Processor NameMHzNormalized SpeedStdDevStdErr%Count
Motorola 68030163,
Motorola 68030203,605.00805.0022.332
Motorola 68030259,563.000.000.001
Motorola 680303311,839.000.000.001
Motorola 680304019,728.000.000.001
Motorola 680402526,191.333,824.2614.606
Motorola 680403329,630.987,113.9024.014
Motorola 680404073,054.5052,215.1071.474
Motorola 680406622,
Motorola 6806050120,
Motorola 6806060131,384.0011,811.008.992
Motorola 6806066157,963.000.000.001