Client Speeds Database

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Processor NameMHzNormalized SpeedStdDevStdErr%Count
DEC Alpha 21064175196,913.000.000.001
DEC Alpha 21064300277,421.000.000.001
DEC Alpha 211644001,092,
DEC Alpha 211644661,287,704.000.000.001
DEC Alpha 211645001,357,685.000.000.001
DEC Alpha 211646001,609,808.000.000.001
DEC Alpha 212645252,729,323.000.000.002
DEC Alpha 212647253,559,451.000.000.002
HP-PA 82001801,461,765.000.000.001
MIPS R4400200119,896.000.000.001
MIPS R460010068,517.000.000.001